Handy Tips to Clean and Care for Leather Sofas

The leather sofa bed is one of the best sofa beds for an elegant and sophisticated home. It is highly durable and long lasting. However, it takes a proper cleaning, caring, and maintaining so it remains functional without compromising the look and the style. A leather sofa can be a great addition to your living room but you should also pay a detailed attention to the caring.best leather sofa bed

How to Care the Leather Sofa

Here are some of the things you should do if you wish your leather sofa to last for a longer period of time. Most of them are pretty basic and simple but you shouldn’t overlook or underestimate it if you want to achieve a successful result.

  • Always consult your manufacturer’s manual. Your manual has all the important information about the proper and correct way to care for the sofa. Follow the instructions and directions. Don’t try to be creative; it is not the right time.
  • Consider different cleaning options. If you are totally clueless, consider hiring a professional cleaner that focuses on the leather sofa. Yes, you may have to spend extra but it is worth the spending. Not to mention that you can actually learn from them about the correct way of cleaning the sofa. It gives you extra knowledge and you get to see how they perform the cleaning. You can also clean the sofa yourself. Use a vacuum cleaner (usually the portable and hand-held) to remove any loose dust or dirt. If you deal with stains, you can use a mild soap without any chemical additives or contents.
  • Never ever using harsh cleaning products. These kinds of products will damage the texture of the leather.
  • Avoid direct sunlight. Sure, you may feel that locating the sofa directly toward the porch will be a good idea. It gets a better view. It allows natural lights to come in. It provides better airflow. Well, direct sunlight exposure is a big no because it will create cracks on the surface of the leather. It would be best if you can use a drapery or shield the incoming lights.
  • Use a conditioner regularly. There is a special leather conditioner that you can use for your sofa. Apply the conditioner once every three months so the sofa remains soft and supple. Such conditioner can be purchased in the specialized stores for the sofa or household items. If you aren’t really sure which product to choose, consult the salesperson.
  • Clean up any spill right away. Leather may be resistant to liquid or moisture. But you should know that leather has a natural porous characteristic. If you leave the moisture sits on the leather without removing it right away, the moisture will likely seep and penetrate into the leather. When it does, your furniture will have this ugly and everlasting stain.